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Interlude Candle Collection
Subtle Scent+ Medium Scent Throw++ One of our Strongest+++
Scent Name Description of Scent Candle Color (may vary slightly)
Apple Harvest Why another apple fragrance? Apple Harvest is a true, ripe apple fragrance combined with bright fruit notes and just a touch of spice. It has year-round appeal but is especially nice around apple picking time. Apple Harvest may be the apple scent you didn't know you needed, but can't live without.


Back in the Saddle You will swear you just walked into a saddle shop. It's that good. A must try!!


Buttered Rum Our buttered rum fragrance oil smells just like the real thing - dark rum, butter, sugar and cloves. You've got to love a recipe that starts "fill a mug half full with dark rum"! This oil makes an excellent addition to any holiday line.


Cottage Breeze The refreshing scent of cool salt air and fresh citrus blowing across the dunes recharge and rejuvenate the spirit.


Cranapple The Tart note of Maine Cranberry with the crisp refreshing note of a October Juicy Macintosh Apple blended perfectly.


Driftwood Great as a masculine or feminine scent, our Driftwood is a woody, earthy mix of vanilla and sandalwood, warmed with musk and a touch of patchouli for a calming and long lasting fragrance oil.


Fresh Cut Grass The great aroma of fresh cut grass on a hot summer day. A very unique scent and one that will make you say... Oh yes I remember it well. One of our most popular candles!


Ginger Bread Sweet and warm with a ginger kick, our Gingerbread Fragrance Oil combines warm vanilla and spices for a homemade, fresh from the oven gingerbread scent.


Hearth A classic holiday fragrance that tells the story of a cozy holiday night spent sipping wine in front of the fireplace. Christmas Hearth combines orange spice notes from the kitchen, fir and pine notes from the Christmas tree, and an earthy smokiness from the fireplace.
It's Christmas Eve, in a bottle, any time.


Kettle Corn Dating all the way back to colonial America, kettle corn has been enormously popular for its perfect blend of sweetness and saltiness. We now offers this mouthwatering fragrance - minus the calories - in our new Kettle Corn candle. So yummy.


Lettuce Pleez U Crisp and clean and everything green. Try some today and you'll be pleasantly surprised at how good romaine and iceburg can smell!


Nag Champa Nag Champa is an Indian fragrance popular in incense (for those of you who didn't come of age in the 60s and 70s). It has woody notes similar to patchouli, with touches of powder, musk, amber, and vanilla. If you haven't smelled it before, you have to try it. If you know it, we think you'll love this rendition.


Oak & Amber It has universal appeal with rich woody and musk base notes - yet has an enchanting fusion of herbs and amber that give it a feminine touch too. An all around family favorite.


Sparkling Apple Blossom This delectable sweet scent is a combination of delicious apple, peach , sparkling melon juices and delicate white flower. A fruity floral delight.


Stargazer Lily Capture the sweet, sensual, and addictive fragrance from this hybrid oriental lily.


Vanilla Frosting Our classic Vanilla Frosting Candle is just what it ought to be: a rich blend of fresh churned butter, sugar, and all natural vanilla bean. To die for!!


Walk on the Beach Refreshing salt water and sea musk warmed with sunny notes of tangerine and orange blossom.


Kitchen Candle Collection
Subtle Scent+ Medium Scent Throw++ One of our Strongest+++
Scent Name Description of Scent Candle Color (may vary slightly)
Almond Hazelnut++ Arouse your senses with this rich and creamy coffee scent with a note of hazelnuts

Apple Bourbon+++ An intoxicating blend of fresh Macintosh apples with woody undertones. Infused with Cinnamon and Maple

Apple Butter++ Smells like Grandma's Apple Pie with a note of butter crème

Banana Nut Bread++ The mouth-watering aroma of oven fresh banana bread. This delicious combination of walnuts, ripe banana, vanilla, and a touch of spice is sure to spark your appetite

Birthday Cake++ The mouth watering aroma of fresh baked yellow cake even comes complete with sprinkles

Butter Crème++ The creamy scent of butter crème with a note of vanilla

Butter Crunch+++ Incredible scent of butter, will make your mouth water

Caramel Walnut++ The perfect combination of caramel and walnuts

Carrot Cake++ Ever walk into a diner and see their fresh baked carrot cake and know you have to have it… nuff said

Chocolate Kiss+++ Only thing closer to chocolate is in Hershey Park

Cinnamon Crispy++ The blissful combination of cinnamon, butter and vanilla

Cinnamon Stick++ Cinnamon Cinnamon and Cinnamon

Clean Greens++ Crisp clean and everything green, iceburg and romaine never smelled so good. Yes I said lettuce!!

Coconut + A buttery rum note leading to a sweet creamy vanilla with toasted coconut

Coconut Lime++ A tantalizing fusion of fresh coconut, lime and a hint of vanilla

Country Spice+++ A perfect combination of cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger

Crème Brulee+++ A traditional base of vanilla custard with a hint of caramelized sugar

Cucumber Melon++ A fruity honeydew melon and green cucumber blended with tart apples and watery fresh greens

Fresh Water Cucumber+ Green melon, wild flowers & jasmine with middle notes of lily & violet

Green Tea & Clementine+ Green tea with a hint of Clementine a very relaxing and refreshing scent

Hot Apple Pie ++ Move over Grandma you have some competition, Very impressive

Juicy Mac+++ The aroma of fresh apples handpicked from the finest apple orchard leaves a delicious lingering scent

Lemon Biscotti ++ The perfect combination of lemon and vanilla.

Mocha Latte++ You will be looking around for the Mr. Coffee Machine

Pumpkin Butter+++ Smells just like piece of Grandma’s Pie with a huge dollop of melting butter

Pumpkin Pie+++ Just like Grandma used to bake

Sage & Citrus++ A spa-inspired blend of sparkling citrus and cleansing herbs for a natural lift

Sugar Cookie++ An irresistible rich aroma of sweetened buttermilk, fresh vanilla extract, and lightly dusted top notes of powdered sugar

Vanilla Bean++ Year after year vanilla reigns supreme as the best selling candle fragrance. With its intense vanilla aroma, subtle touch of cream

Vermont Maple++ Sticky drops of Vermont maple and deep, powdery honey blended with buttery vanilla. Smooth and delicious

Home Candle Collection
Subtle Scent+ Medium Scent Throw++ One of our Strongest+++
Scent Name Description of Scent Candle Color (may vary slightly)
100% Cotton+ Freshly washed clothes hanging in the summer breeze

Angel + Victoria Secrets Angel perfume to a T

Asian Amber++

A calming yet potent tincture of earthy amber and exotic Asian herbs

Bamboo Teak++ Perfect combination of bamboo and teakwood. A very earthy scent. A favorite with the men

Beach ++ A tropical beach breeze of sweet orange flower, lemony citrus, fresh lavender and powdery musk just like the most popular suntan lotion.

Busy Bee+++ Combination of Bee’s Wax and Honey that will make your sweet tooth hurt

Butt Naked++ Suntan special! A great blend of cocoa butter with a hint of tropical fruits

Canadian Spruce++

Capture the magic of Christmas morning all season long with this delightful pine aroma. Subtle wood tones support classic spruce notes for a fragrance that is smooth yet strong

Caribbean Cove++ The perfect combination of peach, magnolia and raspberry. A TOP SELLER!!

Chai Tea++ A very complex fragrance! Our Chai Tea fragrance begins with top notes of spicy cinnamon bark and nutmeg

Country Fair+ Light this candle and think back to the days of summer, enjoying the sweet taste of cotton candy

Country Store++ A perfect combination of cinnamon, orange and berries. Will make your house smell like the country.

Dragon’s Blood+++ A year round favorite, Dragon's Blood is a potent and earthy fragrance infused with cedarwood, orange and patchouli essential oils Although Dragon's Blood was made popular in incense, it has gained popularity as a soap and candle fragrance and has been one of our most requested fragrances

Evergreen ++

 A forest of evergreen trees covered by a blanket of new fallen snow

Frosted Pumpkin+++ A true-to-life fragrance bursting with fresh pumpkin. Mouthwatering notes of butter, sugar, and spices complete this irresistible bakery fragrance

Hawaiian Breeze+ A greatest hits of the island's florals, our Hawaiian Breeze combines Orchid, Tuberose, and Awapuhi with a hint of vanilla, sandalwood, and a light musk

Intimate ++ A very romantic combination of fruits and floral’s. A mood setter

Midnight Moon++ An intoxicating and masculine blend of musk, patchouli, sage and mahogany

Mistletoe ++ A festive pine scent with a top note of sweet berries and green apples. The heart is the scent of Siberian pine needles

Mulberry ++ A vivacious fruity and berry blend with cherries, apples, peaches, strawberries and tangerines. The dry is a sweet cotton candy vanilla

New England Christmas++ A festive combination of Cinnamon, and Pine really gets you in the mood to be with your family and celebrate

Odor Eliminator+++

Wipe out smoke and odors quickly and easily with this invigorating spice fragrance. It really works. The perfect combination of Citrus and Cinnamon. Turn your musty basement smelling good with a reed diffuser.

OH Baby!++ Johnson and Johnsons baby powder to a T. Great for baby shower favors or gifts.

Also comes in pink by special request

Patchouli +++

The pleasing aroma of Kumquat Zest, Grated Lemon, Bergamot Rose Noir, Intoxicating Incense, Frankincense, Earthy Patchouli, Asian Amber.

Plantation + A very nice combination of herbs and florals. With a slight touch of rain

Rain +

The scent begins with a white floral bouquet of carnation, lily and crisp white grapefruit. The heart is a radiant blend of jasmine, tuberose, cyclamen and violet. The base combines vanilla beans, East Indian sandalwood, rose crystals and long lasting sexy musk- can also be called China Rain

Rain Forest++ A combination of summer floral mixed with the hint of rain

Sage & Cinnamon+++

An intriguing herbal blend of warm, savory sage and the fiery tingle of cinnamon

Sandalwood ++ A woody, musky heart made from sustainably harvested sandalwood and cedarwood essential oils, softened with subtle notes of violet and jasmine

Savannah +++

Contains the rich, earthy blend of Bergamot, Tobacco Flower, and Ylang Ylang

Scotch Pine++ A warm earthy scent with mossy green accents. Hints of apple and peach add lift to the woody fir balsam, spruce and cedar heart. Altogether the scent is reminiscent of a fresh pine forest

Seabreeze The beautiful scents of an ocean breeze infused with soft citrus and floral accents soothe and clear the mind

Simply Sage++ A spa-inspired blend of sparkling citrus and cleansing herbs for a natural lift

Storm+++ A floral bouquet of roses, cyclamen, jasmine, and carnation with a hint of apple and woody scents. This unique blend has a delightful aroma

Sweetpea Sandalwood++ The scent of sweetpea with a light a undertone of sandalwood

Sweet Water+ A splash of rain signals the beginning of spring! Fresh, floral and ozone notes blend with subtle tones of pretty rose petals and sensuous woods. Fresh & crisp like a rainy spring day

Temptation ++ Perfect combination of roses and Island flowers. Floral is an understatement

Vanilla Oak++ The woodsy scent of oak with the perfect hint of vanilla

Victorian Christmas++ The perfect combination of cinnamon and pine. A holiday favorite

Warm Sugar++ Infused vanilla with rice water and the ever so perfect hint of sandalwood. Pure Seduction

Waterfall+ The cool scent of blue waters, exotic hibiscus, and musk

Welcome Home+++ A heartwarming blend of cinnamon, baking spices, and a hint of freshly poured clove tea

Whispering Pine+++ A classic pine scent. Will remind you of the Christmas season

White Citrus++ A fresh, modern interpretation of classic citrus Crisp Watercress, Lush Muguet, Transparent Woods, Fresh Raindrops

Floral Candle Collection
Scent Name Description of Scent Candle Color (may vary slightly)
Apricot Lily++ Fresh juicy apricots blended perfectly with the a sweet hint of lily

Basil & Herb++ The aroma of a lush herb garden ready for harvest! A potent yet soothing union of fresh basil, sage and tomato leaf. A 'true to life' fragrance you must experience

Bayberry++ It's beginning to smell a lot like Christmas! That's what you'll be thinking when you try our bayberry candle. This Bayberry scent is the perfect blend of fir and balsam with the just the right amount of nutmeg and spice

Bergamot+++ A refreshing, sweet, citrus blend with spicy floral undertones

English Garden++ Bursting with every imaginable floral note, this fragrance brings the beauty and splendor of an 18th century english garden into any home. Notes of lily, lilac, rose and hyacinth stand out in this must-have fragrance for floral lovers

Flowering Herb++ This fresh fragrance is reminiscent of an herbal garden blooming under the gentle warmth of the spring sun

French Lavender+++ An enchanting meadow fringed with springs of lavender

Gardenia++ The exquisite aroma of tropical Gardenia with a top note sweet and green and a floral body intense and rich truly capturing the natural aroma found in this beautiful flower

Hearts & Roses++ Rose Petals with a slight note of Carnation and Lily of the Valley

Honeysuckle++ The perfect Honeysuckle Scent with a hint of Jasmine

Hydrangea++ Close your eyes can you smell it. A Hydrangea bush in every one. True to its name

Juniper Bergamot+++ A refreshing, sweet, citrus blend with spicy floral undertones with a slight note of Juniper Breeze

Juniper Breeze++ Refreshing scent of forest greens, jasmine, green apple and musk

Lavender Lemon++ Clean and inviting ... a powdery fresh blend of tangy lemon citrus and sweet lavender flowers

Lavender Lime+++ The fresh scent of French Lavender with an ever so light note of lime. So refreshing it is amazing

Lavender Vanilla++ The perfect mix of fresh lavender and warm vanilla with musk

Lilac+++ Smells like a summer's lilac bush in full bloom

Lily of the Valley+ Sweet and strong, just like Easter flowers

Mountain Laurel++ A true to life scent. GREAT way to honor the State Flower thanks Connecticut

Mountain Sage+++ A refreshing scent ... the cooling scent of mountain sage and cypress with notes of lily and cedarwood

Plumeria+ A fantasy bouquet recreating the scent of one of the most beautiful flowering trees of the tropics

Rose Petal+++ ROSES ROSES and the scent of ROSES WOW amazing…

Sunflower Meadow++ Crisp and Clean… Impressive

Sweetpea+ An English garden that captures the very essence of sweet and floral elegance. Light and airy

Violet Lime++ The sensual and luxurious aroma of violet blends with crisp, clean lime to produce this sophisticated fragrance

Wisteria+++ A wisteria bush in full bloom. Prepare yourself

Fruit Candle Collection
Scent Name Description of Scent Candle Color (may vary slightly)
Black Raspberry Vanilla++ Vine ripened black raspberries drenched with vanilla and musk

Blueberry++ Inviting aroma of baked vanilla and mouthwatering blueberries

Citrus Grove++ The absolute perfect combination of citrus. Pink Grapefruit and Sun Kissed Orange who knew it could smell so good

Cool Citrus Basil+ A refreshing blend of citrus & herbs. The top has sweet basil, lime, & wild mint. The heart blends geranium, linden blossom & cyclamen. The dry down is a woody amber

Cranberry Marmalade++ Luscious blend of tart cranberries spiced apples and fresh California orange peel

Florida Orange+++ A very refreshing scent of oranges with a slight hint of vanilla.

French Pear++ Crisp cleanness of a pear with a slight candied note

Ginger Fig+++ It's a little earthy, a little clean, a little sweet - very sophisticated - you need to try it

Gone Bananas++ Will make your mouth water

Honeydew Melon+++

Let's go party with this marvelous melon scent kissed by green apples and fresh honeydew

Just Peachy+

Bright fruity bouquet reminiscent of the scent of fresh cut peaches

Lemon Verbena++

Spunky lemon & floral verbena combines in this uplifting delight. The scent begins with tangy lime, grapefruit & lemon. The heart combines lavender, geranium rose & lemongrass. The dry is a soft woody musk

Lemon Zest++

The fresh cleanness of lemon mixed with lemon and ummmm LEMON Pucker up!

Lime Cooler+++

This tropical citrus and fruit delight begins with notes of tart lime, refreshing orange and crisp apple

Pineapple Express++ Sweet juicy fruit as if it was handpicked in Hawaii. Very refreshing

Pink Grapefruit+ The best grapefruit scent ever. Almost like you got a grapefruit squirt in your eye.


Sweet pomegranate and a perfect note of tropical ferns

Strawberry Fields++

A fruity delight of fresh strawberries sprinkled with sugar

Sun Kissed Orange++ Fresh squeezzzed oranges. Very refreshing and eliminates odor with the citrus scent

Vanilla Lime++

The creamy richness of vanilla with sweet cane sugar and a zesty lime twist

Watermelon++ Very authentic scent of fresh summer melon.